Collaborations (TFP)


Attention aspiring models! Looking to get into modeling but not sure where to start? Are you a model looking to update your portfolio? I am offering a luxury trade for print session. Get professional prints to add to your portfolio and show off your talents. With over 8 years of experience, I will make sure to capture you in the best light.

TFP portrait shoots to build your portfolio

Let’s discuss what exactly are TFP shoots and how these collaborations can be beneficial to helping beginners build a portfolio.

TFP shoot | Model @_neavera

TFP shoot | @Binamariea

Trade services for collaborations

I remember when I was just starting out, I wanted to work with models that specialized in more fashion style portrait shoots. Not having a large budget to pay models, I knew it was still important to build my portfolio.

I had no problem reaching out to models and asking them if they do TFP shoots online. Instagram and Facebook are my main source of models looking to collaborate. There are also many Facebook groups that specifically deal with bringing together models, photographers, stylists, and make-up artists to do TFP shoots.

I connected with one of the largest groups and learned to put out simple model calls. These model calls consisted of a theme and general time and date and I would have models reach out to me to schedule times for a collaboration shoot if they liked the concepts.

TFP shoot | Model @actorcamcottrell | @Reallions.only

Who does TFP shoots?

To be honest, I have worked with models, stylists, makeup artists and even other photographers. I usually scheduled a shoot 2 weeks in advance if possible, and all details are emailed to everyone involved so that it gives plenty of time for questions to be answered.

I know beginner and seasoned photographers that still do TFP shoots in order to stay creative and get away from client work.

Keep in mind, that since no money is being offered for work, some people tend to back out easier than when it’s a paid shoot. It will happen more than once, but keep in mind that sometimes life happens.

I know many models who also started with TFP shoots and eventually moved to paid shoots only. This is pretty common once a model gets more experience and wants to charge for their time.

The same goes for many other creative professionals. TFP shoots are a stepping stone to learning and collaborating with other people. Once you feel you have enough experience, then move to paid shoots.

Everyone will do this at different times so don’t feel like you need to be following a specific timeline.

Model Calls

My model calls started pretty simple when I first began but soon enough got more detailed. I started creating mood boards to help bring my ideas together and help my models figure out what concepts I had in mind.

I would put together 2-3 mood boards for a single shoot. These would display a certain style, color or emotion that I wanted to convey with my next collaboration. I also include small interviews and model reels.

TFP shoot | Model @dreatheedon

The Art Of Skillful Skin Retouching

Flawless Finishing Touch: Enhance Your Photos with Expert Skin Retouching! Every session with me includes meticulous skin retouching to ensure you look and feel your absolute best. My skilled post-processing techniques will refine your skin's texture, resulting in portraits that radiate confidence and natural beauty. Trust me to bring out your finest features while maintaining the authenticity that makes you uniquely you. Get ready to shine in every shot!

Video Portrait | Model Reel

Video Portrait - Shy - Model Reel

Pose Perfectly

"Embark on Your Photography Journey with Added Expertise! When you choose to collaborate with me, you'll receive an exclusive bonus: 'The Photographer's Guide to Posing.' This is a free digital download to the Ebook. This valuable resource is designed to enhance your portrait sessions by unveiling the art of posing techniques. Elevate your presence in front of the camera and co-create stunning visuals that truly capture your essence. From beginners to seasoned models, this guide is a must-have for anyone looking to refine their posing skills and achieve remarkable results. Let's work together to craft timeless and impactful images that showcase your unique story."



What is a TFP shoot?

TFP stands for “Time for Print”. It’s an arrangement with a photographer to exchange your modeling time in return for selected photos from the shoot. In our case, we’ll provide you with the best 6 pictures which will be retouched. The entire gallery will be available via online gallery.

What kind of photos you do?

It depends on how you wish to expand your portfolio, and with what you are comfortable. It will always be your choice, and we always open to new ideas!
Types of Photography:

– Fashion Photography
- Street Photography
– Portrait Photography
– Fine Art Photography
– Glamour Photography
– Nude Photography
– Boudoir photography

How many pictures will I receive?

I guarantee you’ll receive access to the entire galley via online photo gallery. The best 6 pictures from the shoot (which we’ll pick out) will be retouched. Occasionally, I may throw in some extras, but 6 is the promised and safe expectation.

Will you come to my location for a TFP shoot?

Based on how far away your location is I may be able to come to you. If your location is too far away, an alternate photo shoot location can be found.

What should I bring to the TFP shoot?

Bring at least 3 different outfits. Some recommendations include:

– Classy | Formal dress
– Sports | athletic attire
– Casual (slacks/jeans & top)
– Swimwear
– Costume (be creative!)
– Lounge-wear | sleepwear
– Lingerie

Who do you usually select?

We primarily select models whom are girls within the 18-35 age range. While these make up the majority of those we shoot, we welcome applications from guys as well.

I’m interested! What I do next?

Please contact us, and we will let you know what happens next!

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